Business Plan Software for Your Startup


A business plan can not only serve as a guide for your business but also help obtain much-needed funding for it as well. However, creating a business plan is not that easy for many entrepreneurs and some even seek out professional help just to prepare one. These days, though, creating a good, working business plan is just a few clicks away, thanks to software that are designed to make creating a business plan easy and convenient.

Some business plan software you can use for a startup venture you might want to look at include:

Business Plan Pro
This software is designed to assist new entrepreneurs in creating a business plan from scratch. The software is equipped with several very useful features and has over 500 sample business plans included in the package.

The templates for each are designed to mimic business plan forms that have already been approved by the SBA (Small Business Administration), banks. That means that users can expect these templates to be similar to those that have already passed the standards that most lenders require.

The package also includes research data regarding the business industry, a resource that can prove useful for newbies looking for information.

The software comes in Standard and Premier Packages and could be purchased as special editions (Academic, Non-Profit, U.K. and Canadian editions).

PlanMagic is a very useful business plan software that startup business owners will find very helpful for creating business plans that lenders will notice. It currently has three editions, including: Business, Retail and Construction.

PlanMagic Business is designed to help entrepreneurs design a business plan for most types of business ventures. It also comes with financial projection features that can compute business forecasts automatically. In case the user is unsure, the package comes with a built-in tutorial for guidance and how-tos. This edition is being marketed in several different languages.

The software includes the following features:

– product line analysis
– automated financial workbook
– sequential calculations
– automatic ratios
– detailed marketing

It also has a friendly user interface, which takes the guesswork out. Purchase of the product allows free updates for 6 months.

PlanMagic Retail is a business planning software that is specifically designed to assist retail store business owners in creating a business plan. This software features automated functions that allow for the creation of product descriptions and categories. It also includes a benchmark workbook and worksheets for equipment and inventory listing.

A bonus in this business plan software is the Powerpoint template that lets users design an easier means to present their business proposal.

Would-be contractors will find the PlanMagic Construction a very useful business plan software for their startup. To make writing and printouts easier, the business plan software uses a common word processor format and only requires the user to fill out the necessary information. Users can simply edit any corrections or deletions.

An important feature of this software is its automated financial planning feature, which allows for easy financial calculation and analysis. Analytic tools are built-in for this purpose, which may be used to calculate the accuracy of projections. Depreciations are calculated automatically and the software also allows for financial scheduling.

Like other business plan software in the PlanMagic line, the Construction edition also includes a presentation template, perfect for use when meeting with prospective lenders. Purchase of this software comes with a 12-month free update offer.

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