How to Launch a Successful Catering Business Startup


Many business owners say that if you want a business that will always have customers, then go for a food-based business. This is probably the reason why the catering industry has remained strong throughout the years. It is still one of the most profitable businesses today, offering a huge potential in terms of financial and professional growth. Here are some tips on what you should do to successful launch a catering business startup:

Get information about the industry.
It would help a lot if you can cook or have a good knowledge about food and wine. Being an excellent cook and having the ability to prepare great dishes will help you sell your catering business. This is true particularly if you have several specialties and at least one signature dish.

If not, then at least have a partner you can trust who can help handle the business. Next, consider your market and the industry as a whole. Do you have a ready niche you can tap? What kind of business can you expect from them? Will the business be brisk or seasonal? How much will this market spend for catering on the average? How healthy is the catering industry in the area where you want to run your business?

Check what you have.
Consider what is given in your situation. Your location, for example, is a factor you have to consider carefully because it will affect the profitability of your business. Consider your skills, the kind of contacts you have and whether or not you could find suppliers for your business.

Next, consider your skills not just as a business owner and manager but also as a planner as well. In order for a catering business startup to succeed, it’s important that you have extraordinary organizing skills and know how to plan the series of steps that lead up to an event.

Consider your startup funds.
A catering business startup will cost you – literally. However, you could choose to start small with the equipment you already have. Start the business only with what you can afford to cut down on initial costs. But you must understand that in the long run, you will begin to need more equipment and supplies.

As to how much you might have to spend initially, that would depend on what you already have. If you choose to start as a home-based catering business, for example, you could spend upwards from $1,000. If you choose to build a professional working kitchen, be prepared to shell out from $40,000 to $80,000, depending on the type of equipment you put in.

Spread your market.
For a catering business startup, you have two choices: you could either market exclusively for a niche or target a more generic market. If you prefer a niche market, for example, you could opt to cater only for weddings, anniversaries and birthdays and then target a specific income level. Or, you could choose a more open market, wherein you could offer different packages depending on what your clients prefer and can afford.

Be prepared physically and emotionally.
The catering business is rather labor-intensive. Whether you’re in it part-time or full-time, it still requires a lot of your time and effort. A catering business startup is demanding work and it will not stop there. As you continue with the business, it will remain as demanding as it was at the beginning.

Learn to perform under pressure and work hard. As long as you manage and market your business the right way, you should be able to expect growth and expansion.

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